Thermal Socks

Thermal socks (sometimes referred to as “thermo socks“) are one of the most essential ingredients in the climate of chilly winters. With the help of such close fitting thermal socks, what one achieves is the entrapment of heat that aids in the regulation of core body temperature. It is also a matter of vital importance to limit excess sweating, especially in the coldest of winter weather where, with the added danger of wind chill, hypothermia is a real danger. Sweating can result in the decrease of body temperature that in turn might lead to health hazards such as reducing the rate of mobility, power of concentration or even the core body temperature. And while many people recognize the importance of proper footwear, good socks are all too often overlooked (with the exception of diabetics, who most often clearly recognize the importance of good socks and have developed special socks for diabetics. The rest of us could learn something from this practice).

These types of socks are available in fashionable colors and one might lay his or her hand on the perfect pair of cozy socks that might match his or her personality. Men’s thermal socks sometimes differ from women’s in the color and therefore in the appearance of these socks. Men often prefer rugged, base colors whereas it’s not uncommon for women to generally go for bright, charming colors, highlighting their femininity.

Merino Wool is the softest form of wool available that is also capable of moving moisture away from the skin. It is the presence of accumulated moisture that causes skin odors. Hence, socks made up of merino wool can be the best choice if one wants to get rid of the odors of the feet. One of the benefits of socks made out of Merino wool is that they are not only effective in winters but also in summers. Its quality is such that it keeps the feet warmer in the cooler months and cooler in the comparatively warmer months. These merino wool socks provide the maximum comfort when one needs it the most.

These merino wool socks form an important part in the wardrobe of individuals who indulge in regular exercising. Smartwool socks are another option of such comfortable socks that helps in the absorption of moisture from the feet. They also have similar function of keeping the feet warm during cooler months and cool during the warmer months. They provide a good insulation to the feet, pampering them with their cushioned texture.  Both of these types of socks can be found either online or at stores such as REI or other hiking/outdoor type stores.

Many consider winters as the season of indolence and sleep. Winters are often thought of as the season of laziness and comfort quilts; a season when one rarely feel like going past ones doorstep. It is the season of the comforts of home and a warm cup of cocoa or coffee.  However, such comfort and laziness, while alluring, is not the reality for most working people these days.

One can always avoid such a reluctance to get out of the house with proper warm clothing that helps in the maintenance of the body temperature, thereby helping the individuals to undergo the normal procedures of work that one does during the cold season. One of the most significant aspects of warm clothing is the heated socks that aid in the upkeep of the feet and toes from getting cold and numb. Keeping the feet warm means a lot towards keeping the whole body warm. Hence, with the proper clothing, starting with good thermal socks, winter is not such a bad season after all.

Fight Hypothermia With the Best Thermal Socks

When the piercing cold of the winter season breezes in, man is instantly faced with a number of enemies brought about by the natural changes in the weather. One of these so-called enemies is the medical condition hypothermia, which you can fight by wearing warm articles of clothing such as thermal socks.

What is Hypothermia?

Hypothermia takes place when the body’s core temperature suddenly drops or falls below the required temperature for bodily functions, including metabolism, which has been recognized to land at 35 degrees Celsius. Body temperature, meanwhile, is maintained normally somewhere between 36.5 to 37.5 degrees Celsius. Hypothermia begins to manifest its symptoms, which includes shivering, stuttering, and mental confusion, when the body is left exposed to notably cold weather, causing internal mechanisms to have difficulty, and finally utter failure, in replacing all of the heat being lost.

How to Fight Hypothermia

Hypothermia is not a hopeless medical condition; in fact, with foresight and proper preparation, it can be avoided entirely even during the coldest of winters. The best way to prevent running the risk of hypothermia is to wear appropriate clothing. In states where the winter season brings heavy snowfall, chilly breeze, and an overall bitter weather all throughout, it is imperative that thick, warm clothes be worn from head to toe. Aside from investing in coats, it is also wise to buy thermal socks by the dozen.

Thermal socks can really help you fight hypothermia. Medical experts are quick to admit that keeping warm by means of appropriate clothing can go a long way in surviving the freezing months. The feet usually get ignored in this aspect, even though they’re the part of the human anatomy that gets in close contact with the cold ground. Hypothermia has four various degrees, including mild, moderate, severe, and profound. All of these degrees can be avoided completely with the help of thermal socks that provide the feet with warmth and comfort, thanks to their thermal fabric.

Ladies Thermal Socks

An article about ladies thermal socks may not be at the top of the list of fashion magazine cover stories… but for any woman who has dealt with the misery of frozen toes and aching cold feet, you’ll understand that sometimes fashion must take a back seat to function.

Whether you’re outdoors working on the job, enjoying the great outdoors hiking, skiing or snowshoeing, or if you just want to want to keep your feet nice and cozy warm around the house during the winter, a good quality pair of ladies thermal socks will be one of the best (small) investments you’ve ever made. And trust me, you’re feet will thank you for it all winter long.

Frozen toes and feet has got to be one of the most uncomfortable and easily avoidable situations that women (and men and kids) experience during the chilly months of winter. One of the most common mistakes people make is thinking that slipping on a basic pair of cotton tube socks is going to do the trick to keep their feet warm. The truth of the matter is that thermal socks, while slightly more expensive than your basic cotton athletic sock, truly is an engineering marvel. Thermal clothing is made from several different materials, one being 100% natural merino wool, and the other a synthetic material (or synthetic blend).

Ladies Thermal SocksThe thing is, this is not just some kind of marketing hype to get you to purchase some new kind of specialized sock… they really do keep your feet warmer, drier, and overall much more happy than any non-specialized sock ever could. And when it comes to really frigid weather, proper gear goes beyond just comfort. It also protects you from serious conditions such as frostbite or hypothermia.

You see, one of the two main functions of thermal clothing, whether we’re talking about socks, shirts or longjohns, is the fact that they are designed to trap a layer of air close to your body. The air will warm up to your body temperature and give you a nice, insulating layer to help keep you cozy.

The next critical component of any good thermal material is its ability to wake moisture away from your body and towards the surface of the garment where it can easily evaporate. I’m sure it makes sense to you to imagine the difference between having moisture on your skin when you’re out in the cold as compared to keeping your skin nice and dry. The comfort level between these two scenarios is beyond night and day. Perspiration that remains on your skin will make you feel cold and clammy. For your feet, or creating a perfect environment for fungus to grow. Yuck!

As far as natural materials go, wool not only works as a great wicking component, but it is also antimicrobial. This means that it’s not as likely get stinky as your old cotton sweat socks. However, some people have a dislike for wool because they think it’s going to be very itchy. There’s good news in that department as well; merino wool is one of the warmest, softest and completely non-itchy wools you can find, and you’ll find many thermal socks that offer lots of cushion comfort (especially in the heavier weight versions), for women, men and children made from this high quality wool product.

Another option you might consider is Angora. Angora comes from rabbits and is also very adept at wicking moister from the skin of is very, very soft (as I’m sure you can imagine) and will keep your feet very well insulated and toasty warm from the cold (Angora is a great material for baby thermal clothes, though anyone at any age will appreciate how soft it is) . One of the additional benefits of a material that wicks moisture extremely well is that it’s just as beneficial during the summer time when your feet sweat a lot as it is during the winter.

You can also find good quality thermal socks made from synthetic fibers such as polyester or polypropylene. Some of these synthetic fibers actually have branded, trademarked names that you could keep your eyes out for. One of them is CoolMax. SmartWool is a branded 100% merino wool you might want to look at.  Which ever option you choose for your thermal apparel, rest assured that they both offer good stretch characteristics and are both machine washable for easy care.

Finding the specialized socks make sure you keep your feet comfortable in the cold weather is not as difficult as you might think. Many outdoor stores will carry a variety of them, from ankle socks for running or cycling to heavy weight hiking socks. Or, if you prefer to shop online, Amazon will always offer a wide variety of choices and great deals on prices. You can probably expect to pay somewhere in the range of $10-$15 for a good pair of ladies thermal socks (maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less if you have a coupon).

Another benefit of shopping with Amazon is that they have great customer service reputation if you need to return something, and will often offer free shipping.

For those hard-core fashionistas out there, don’t worry… you can find some pretty fashionable knee high and thigh high thermal socks to wear in an assortment of colors (including pink).  Whether they’re for you or you plan to buy them as a gift for someone else, and regardless if you’re wearing them under your sexy leather boots or your hiking boots, or even your every day shoes, or if you just want something comfy enough for lounging, you’re sure to find the ladies thermal socks that will keep out the icy winter chill and keep you feet and toes cozy and happy all winter long.

Thermal Socks for Men

Cold feet might cause people just as much misery as frozen fingertips. Insulated shoes as well as thermal socks are very important whenever working or playing in cold weather. Thermal socks for men, women and kids are a critical piece of cold weather gear since they’re very well-equipped to help keep feet and toes cozy. The fabric is usually dense enough to stop the cold temperatures, however their ideal feature may be the ability to collect heat and entrap it within, offering the feet the comfort they want as you go forth in to the freezing roads. A handful of the popular thermal socks for men and women are Wigwam, SmartWool, Thorlo, Wolverine, Smartwool, Dickies and Kodiak.

Thermal socks are usually rather water repellent and retain enough dead-air space even when wet to work as insulation and keep your toes and feet comfortable, even for the most avid outdoor enthusiasts. Cotton socks need to be completely avoided. Cotton draws moisture straight into the footwear. Thermal socks also provide the power to curtail excessive sweating, which happens when the conditions are cool. Unnecessary sweating can bring about the introduction of fungus activity from the feet, which not surprisingly a person definitely should not have.

If you or any one you know goes hiking or participating in other outdoor activities, especially in cold temperatures in the back country, then there is nothing more valuable than high quality comfortable, sturdy boots and very good thermal socks. Merino wool is one of the best and warmest, 100% natural materials for thermal wear. They also provide a nice amount of cushion on top of the warmth, especially the heavier weight socks, keeping your feet even more comfortable. And despite what you might think of wool, I promise this high quality wool is very soft and will not itch.

If you’re spending a long time outside the house in the frigid temperature, regardless of whether at your workplace or perhaps skiing, riding your snowboard or doing other winter sports, shoveling snow, or building snowmen, thermal wear underwear crafted from polypropylene, a thin but warm moisture-wicking material, will certainly benefit you. Also, make sure your thermal shirts are manufactured out of a moisture-wicking substance in order to keep the sweat from gathering on the skin and causing you that chilled, clammy sensation.

Thermal socks as well as thermal tops and long johns are crucial if you are in the out-of-doors, and this is not really restricted to winter months. Thermal clothing might seem like a luxury, but in fact, they are extremely necessary articles of clothing. When it’s time to shop for thermal athletic products, one of the best places to see customer reviews is at They also tend to have very competitive prices (usually in the $13 to $18 range, or less if you have a coupon), and if you’re really lucky they might even throw in free shipping for you.

Cold Weather Thermal Socks

Fight the Cold Winter Working Days with Thermal Socks

Perhaps you have already heard about such socks, or perhaps not. At any rate, thermal socks (or thermo socks) are the same as regular socks in terms of the nature of its fashion. Both are used to protect the feet. The core difference between the two lies in the material employed. You see, regular socks may be made of cotton, polyester, latex, nylon, and other materials; on the other hand, thermo socks, as the name itself suggests, must be made of thermal fabric.

Another difference that is worth noting is the purpose for which these socks are made. Regular socks are worn to keep the feet covered for no other reason than aesthetics or comfort. But thermal socks are worn for the sole reason of keeping the feet warm in cold weather. That’s why thermal fabric is used; only this material has the power to keep the feet insulated no matter how cold the weather gets.

Thermal socks may seem like a luxury; in fact, they are highly necessary articles of clothing. Imagine having to go to work on a cold winter’s day without any socks on, or with socks that provide inadequate warming properties. You’re bound to get cold, with your feet all blue and in pain from the freezing weather. And once you get cold, you’ll be susceptible to a variety of illnesses, which would no doubt cause you to miss work and other things you deem important, like spending time with your loved ones.

If you don’t own a pair of thermo socks yet, it’s about time you go out there and get yourself one. There are several stores, even here on the web, that offer these socks in a variety of designs, styles and colors. Buy now and be prepared for the cold winter working days.

Mens Socks

Know The Different Types Of Mens Socks

When you walk inside a department store, it is impossible to not notice a particular spot where mens socks are being sold. However, when you look at a pair of socks, have you ever really thought how many kinds there are and if they serve a particular purpose?

Dress Socks – these are especially designed to be worn by men. These are specifically meant to be used for special occasions. This is the proper type of socks that should be worn for formal events or with anything from a business suit to a formal tuxedo.  Some of the top name brand dress socks come from well known designers such as Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren (as in “Polo Ralph Lauren”).  Another well known brand that you won’t be disappointed in is Gold Toe Socks.

Athletic Socks – athletic socks are designed to be used especially for vigorous activities and sports. These often provide great insulation and support to prevent the individual from having an injury while engaging in their activity of choice, including preventing blisters in individual activities such as running socks, as well as cuts and scrapes that often occur in team sports.  That is why you’ll see specialized soccer socks that allow for protective shin guards to be worn underneath to hiking socks that will protect your feet, ankles and lower legs from getting scratched by the environment.

Some of the better known brands for athletic socks include Underarmour men socks as well as the standard athletic brands you know for shoes; Nike socks and adidas socks.

Casual Socks – as they are aptly called, casual socks are meant to be used on any day, with any casual outfit and for any particular activity. These often come as mid calf crew socks that are just right and can be worn with any type of casual footwear (quarter mid calf is another option to consider).

If you’re looking for where to buy this kind of casual crew sock, you will find them at stores such as Old Navy or even Target or Walmart.  The nice thing about buying your socks in places like this is that they will often offer them in sets or packs mens socks of 3, 6 or even a dozen pair all together.

A York bar striped sock is one of the current favorites for this genre of casual sock.  Keep your eyes out for them the next time you’re sock shopping!

Ankle Socks – these are rather short. In often cases, these only cover the surface of the foot. These provide the illusion that the individual who wears it is not wearing socks under their sneakers. These are especially great when paired with shorts on casual days or during workout sessions or exercise routines.

Thermal Socks – many people think thermal socks are especially meant for the colder times of the year, but the truth is they work equally well when it is hot out. While they are rather thick and provide great insulation, they also help to moderate excess heat by wicking moisture from the skin to the outer part of the sock where it can evaporate.  This not only helps to keep your feet dry and comfortable, but also works like an evaporative cooler.

These types of socks are often presented in mid-calf length while there are others that are available in longer lengths and even low cut socks are made with thermal materials.  So don’t limit yourself to any preconceived notions that a thermal sock is only meant for winter use.

Medical Socks or Diabetic Socks – These are made from specific materials that can promote wellness to an individual. Some of these socks provide additional insulation or compression that common variety socks cannot provide. Some are also designed to minimize foot odor.

Running Socks

Running is a great pastime that can be as good for your body as it is for your mind.  And when you think about it, all you really need is a good pair of running shoes and an equally good pair of running socks and you’re all set.  Unfortunately, many people seem to completely overlook the second of those two items and focus entirely on the first (if even that).  This is a significant mistake that can come back to haunt you and it’s a real shame because in this day and age, between the amount of information that is so readily available at your fingertips with the internet combined with advances in technology and materials for making both running shoes and running socks, everyone who is out there pounding the pavement (or treadmill, as it were) should be properly equipped.

When you consider how much there is to know about running socks that goes mostly unawares by the majority of runners out there, whether they be the occasional jogger or someone who has decided to train for their first big race, it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that the amount of information regarding running shoes can be truly overwhelming.  For this reason, we’re not even going to attempt to broach the subject of shoes in this article.  Especially because not only are there personal preferences, but there are some serious physical and mechanical reasons why one person would do better running in shoe A while someone else will need a completely different running shoe, such as shoe Z.

Fortunately, when you consider all the brands of running shoes out there such as adidas, Nike, New Balance, Asics, Saucony, Mizuno, Brooks, Fila and Reebok just to name some of the bigger ones, and that each of those brands has countless different models to chose from for almost every different kind of foot, you’re sure to be able to find one that suits you.  Probably your best bet to sort through all those variations is to go to a high end running specialty shop where they might even video tape you running on a treadmill so that they can diagnose your stride and recommend the most appropriate running shoe for you.  Some people might be dis-inclined to go to such a running specialty shop because they think they can get a better price at the outlet mall.  However, when you consider the fact that this wonderful, healthy pastime is really all about taking care of your body and your mind, and that all you have between you and the pavement is that pair of running shoes and those running socks (which we’ll get to in a minute), don’t you think it’s worth figuring out what type of shoe works best for your body?  At least one visit, and after that you’ll have an expert opinion on what to shop for in the future so that you can keep on running for many years to come.

Now, about those running socks…

Again, many people make the mistake of thinking that just any old pair of athletic socks will do, and so they grab the pack of white athletic socks that are sold as half a dozen pair for $8 or $10 saying, “100% cotton socks”, and they figure they’re good to go.  BIG mistake.

Again, your feet will be taking a serious pounding when you’re out on the trail or road or treadmill.  You’ll want all the extra support and cushioning you can get within reason.  And you’ll want your running socks to last.  What good is a set of cheap socks if they not only don’t perform for you, but the fall apart and become full of holes in a matter of a few runs through the washing machine?

Another major factor you want to be aware of is the ability of these socks to wick moisture away from your skin.  If you’re not familiar with moisture wicking or exactly what that means, think of an old fashioned oil lamp.  The wick of the lamp reaches down into the oil and pulls it up and away, towards the opposite end of the fabric (wick), where it gets eliminated.  In the case of the oil lamp, it gets burned off by the flame.  In the case of moisture wicking socks (or other types of clothing such as thermal shirts and long underwear), the moisture is pulled away from the skin and pulled towards the outer layers of the fabric where it can evaporate.

By doing this wicking, your skin stays dry and much more comfortable.  In fact, in colder weather, thermal socks that wick sweat away from the skin will keep your feet dry and comfortable and prevent them from becoming cold and clammy.  And in hot weather, the movement of the moisture towards the surface to be evaporated works as a kind of evaporative cooler to keep you feet dry and cooler and more comfortable.  It’s really a wonderful technology.

What’s more, is that if you feet are NOT kept dry, you run a much greater risk of not only developing blisters (which will surely put an end to your run), but you’ll also be creating an environment that is perfect for fungus to grow and thrive.  Athletes foot and just generally stinky feet are much more prevalent in runners who wear all cotton socks as opposed to specifically designed running socks.

What’s great about getting the best running socks, in addition to all the points mentioned above, is that once you find the kind that suit you best, you can usually just order them online and save a few bucks.  So while these kinds of quality running socks aren’t the cheapest at the time of going to the cash register, when you consider the fact that some people claim to have used the same pair of socks to both train for and run in multiple ultra marathons, you know these kinds of socks are made well and will certainly last for you, and you’ll more than save the original purchase price on them.

So don’t cheat yourself out of a good, long term running career.  Take the time to get the right running shoes and invest an extra few dollars in a good pair of running socks and you’ll be set for a good, long time.

Silk Underwear

For most people, wearing silk underwear is a luxury that they can afford especially in these times of economic downfall. It is not as expensive as buying luxury cars or other luxury things but it would also make you feel nice and pampered. Silk feels nice and soft on your skin. No other fabric can make you feel sexy the way silk can.

Silk underwear offers a lot of benefits. For one, silk feels very nice to your skin. Silk is a soft smooth flowing fabric that makes your skin feel pampered. You will not only feel sexy wearing silk underwear, you will also look sexy.

Another benefit of silk is that it is hypoallergenic. Silk is an all-natural fabric made from the silkworms’ cocoons. The cocoons have certain natural substances that protect the worms inside. And these substances are still present when silk is transformed to underwear, which protect you from allergens and other skin irritants.

Silk is also more durable than any other types of fabric. Some people even said that a diameter of silk is stronger than the same diameter of steel. It looks very soft and luxurious but it is a very strong material. However, you should know that cultivated silk is more durable than wild silk because the silkworms are fed with food that makes the silk strands stronger.

Another benefit of silk is safety because it does not catch fire easily. It is a fire-retardant material, which is why many people choose silk for their bedding. Furthermore, silk is very easy to care for. At first, you need to hand wash silk, but as time goes by, you can wash most of them using your clothes washer at a low setting. Silk also dries fast, which makes them perfect for rainy or winter season when the sun does not shine everyday.

When buying underwear made of silk, you should also know some useful tips for you to be able to buy the perfect one for your needs. Here are some of them.

  • If you live in a place where the nights are always cool, you should consider buying silk long underwear. Long silk underwear includes long johns and long sleeves that will keep you warm in cool nights. It is important to choose something that will make you feel comfortable based on the kind of weather or temperature you usually have in your location.

  • You should also consider buying silk thermal underwear. Silk is not only luxurious but it is also very functional because it makes you feel warm when the temperature is low. Thermal underwear is perfect for the winter season. You will not have goose bumps on your skin because what you are wearing under your clothes is warm and cozy.

  • Underwear made of silk is available for both the male and female customers. Men’s silk underwear includes long johns and several tops like long sleeves and t-shirts. On the other hand, women’s silk underwear includes long johns, camisoles, and also t-shirts. There are also different colors and prints for both types of underwear.

  • You can also pair your silk pyjamas or underwear with silk socks. These are perfect when the weather is cool and you want to keep your feet warm and safe from the biting cold. Choose something that still allows you to wiggle your toes comfortably but does not slip from your feet.  Silk socks are also ideal to use as a base layer under thermal socks for cold outdoor activities.

Choosing the right underwear is important. If you are wearing the right kind of underwear, you will feel comfortable and relaxed whatever the season is. And in choosing underwear, you should consider comfort first before the style or design.

Thermal Shirts

Do you live in a cold place where keeping yourself warm is an important thing to consider when shopping for clothes? Are you an athlete or do you love to work out in the gym and you want to wear something nice and comfy that will keep you smelling fresh all day long? If your answer to any one of these questions is ‘yes,’ you should consider buying thermal shirts.

Thermal shirts are the perfect outfit when the weather is cold and you want o keep yourself warm. It is made of fabric that retains the heat in your body, which is the reason why you do not feel as cold as when you are wearing regular clothing. It is also perfect for people who do strenuous physical activities like athletes or gym goers because the material prevents their bodies form overheating. It also wicks your body moisture which keeps you dry and fresh even after a long day of work out and sports.

Thermal shirts come in different styles and necklines. You can choose round, crew, or V-necked style. Some even have a stand up collar that makes your neck area warmer. Almost all thermal tees are long-sleeved, though, because their main purpose is to keep your body warm. The sleeves also have cuffs to prevent the cold air from entering the shirt.

The materials usually used for making thermal clothing are wool, fleece, spandex, silk, polyester, and nylon. These materials are perfect for cold weather. It is very easy to wash thermal tees. Just follow the instructions in the label. Usually, you can wash it by hand or sometimes in a clothes washer in low setting. It also has an antimicrobial property that reduces odor caused by sweat.

If you are planning to buy thermal tops for yourself, you should know how to properly wear them. Here are some tips for wearing thermal tees.

  • Most people use their thermal long tops under a sweater or a coat. They are usually the base of a winter outfit. Because of this utilitarian feature, most thermal tees come in basic colors like black, white, blue, brown, and so on. The most popular is black thermal shirt it can be worn in almost all types of outfits in different colors. And black is the color of winter because it retains more heat than bright colors.

  • Aside from the basic function of a long sleeve thermal shirt as a basic layer for your winter outfit, it can now also be worn by itself or when layering clothes. For example, some manufacturers of thermal t-shirts create interesting designs and prints at the front or back of the shirt. These shirts are meant to be seen and worn outside. You can also buy a basic Henley thermal shirt for that casual look. For layering, choose something that will match the color of the shirt that you will wear over your thermal long sleeve. You can also wear something with a stand up collar for a hotter look.

  • Men’s thermal shirt is a classic piece of clothing that every man should have in his closet. It can be worn in almost all types of outfits. If you are looking for a perfect gift for the men in your life, you should consider giving them basic boys’ thermal shirt that they can use anytime, anywhere.

  • To make a basic thermal shirt more interesting, you can accessorize with necklace, watch, or earrings. Make sure that you choose accessories that are appropriate for the occasion.

It is important that you have at least one of these thermal tees. They are not only functional but they can also be fashionable depending on how you wear them.  Also, paired with a good set of thermal socks, you’ll be sure to be more comfortable and warm in those chilly winter conditions.

Thermal Gloves

Whether you live in a temperate region and winter is a part of your life or you love to play winter sports, one accessory that you should have is thermal gloves. This type of winter glove provides warmth to your hands in very cold weather. Instead of wearing the usual gloves or mittens, you should think about wearing thermal gloves especially if it gets really cold in your area.

Aside from giving warmth to your hands, thermal winter gloves also make your winter outfit more interesting because they come in several designs, colors, and styles. You can even choose a pair that matches your outfit. For example, if you are going to your office, you can wear a pair of thermal gloves in neutral color like black or brown or something that is made of leather for that formal and professional look.

If you want to know more about this type of glove, you should read the list of facts of information below.

  • If you are buying gloves for the sole purpose of warming your hands and not for sports or other activities that require the use of your hands, you should consider buying thermal fingerless gloves or mittens. Keeping your four fingers together generate more heat than keeping them apart. You will not be able to use your fingers to do complicated things but at least your hands will feel warm and comfy.

  • If you want to wear gloves that do not look thick and fuzzy, you can buy a pair of thinsulate thermal gloves. As the name suggests, the gloves is both thin and insulated, which looks very elegant and keeps your hands warm. This is perfect if you need to use your four fingers and you need their full function.

  • You should also consider buying thermal glove liners that give extra heat to your hands. These winter accessories are worn before the gloves so that your hands will be warm enough. This is useful especially if you are in a very cold place where cold air seeps through the fabric of your mittens.

  • If you love to take a run on a cold night or even in winter, you should consider buying a thermal running glove. This type of glove is perfect for people who love to go jogging no matter what the weather or temperature is. This can also be worn everyday while doing your daily activities when the weather is too cold for your bare hands.

  • For people who love winter sports like skiing or snowboarding, buying the right kind of gloves (and of course thermal socks) should be one of their priorities. It is important to keep your hands warm but it is equally important to have full finger movement. Choose something that provides enough heat and feels comfortable when worn. Some ski gloves even have features that make long distance skiing comfortable, like nose wipes.

  • You should choose a pair of gloves which is made of material that not only provides heat but also breathes, like wool or fleece. This will keep your hands from becoming clammy inside the gloves especially after wearing them for a long time. Your hands will also smell nice when you remove the glove.

  • You should also determine whether the gloves will have contact with snow or not. If you think you will touch snow, then you should choose something that will keep your hands dry at all times.

Just keep in mind that you should choose winter gloves based on your needs. You should also remember the information outlined above for you to be able to choose the perfect pair of thermal winter gloves.

Best Thermal Socks

It doesn’t really matter what your personal preference is for outdoor activities, or even what kind of weather you choose to do it in, a good, quality pair of thermal socks is an investment that is more than worth the money and time spent finding the right pair for yourself.

The thing is, when people hear about or talk about thermal socks (or sometimes people refer to them as ‘thermo socks’), the tendency is to think about warm socks for cold weather.  The reason, most likely, is that people associate ‘thermal’ with ‘thermal long underwear’ and cold, winter weather, and thermal socks with warm wool socks.  While these are all accurate to a certain extent (i.e. you definitely want to have a good thermal base layer when you go out into the cold), they leave out a significant part of the benefit of this kind of insulated sock (whether it be a 100% merino wool sock or some other kind of material); and that benefit is that they will take care of your feet equally well in hot weather to help keep your feet comfortably dry and cool.

While it may seem counter-intuitive, the fact is that good thermal socks work like the insulation in your house – they help to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and comfortable all year round.  Part of the way they are able to do this is through their ability to wick moisture away from your skin and out towards the outer part of the material where it can easily evaporate into the surrounding air.

As you can imagine, keeping your feet dry is not only critical to your comfort, but it is critical to your good hygiene as well.  It will prevent your feet from getting fungus on them, not to mention helping to keep the nasty smell of stinky feet at bay.  While you may not think this is a huge deal because you’re only going for a short day hike, think about the benefits of someone who is going on a multi-day hike and has limited room to pack clothes.  They may only be able to bring along 2 pairs of thermal socks, so keeping them from getting horribly smelly is a tremendous advantage.

This is one of the many benefits of wool socks; the fact that they are naturally antimicrobial.  In addition to that, even when they do get wet from the weather, they still retain their insulating properties, which a cotton sock will NOT do (this is one huge advantage of wool socks and the reason why there is no comparison when it comes to cotton vs smart wool hiking socks).

And if the thought of wool socks makes you think of the old itchy-scratchy kind of sock, fear not.  One of the benefits of merino wool socks is the fact that this kind of wool not only has the same antimicrobial properties and insulating qualities of regular wool, but they are incredibly soft and comfortable at the same time.  In fact, 100% merino wool socks for men are often sold along with the finest shoes and business suits.  So if it’s good enough comfort-wise for that kind of situation, AND it has all the properties of the best thermal socks, I think it becomes pretty much a no-brainer as to which thermal socks would be considered the best and most comfortable.

Fortunately for everyone else, there are thermal socks for kids that are made of the same great merino wool.  One of the best known and respected companies making children’s thermal socks is SmartWool.  Children’s Smart Wool socks are certain to keep your kids’ feet and toes nice and toasty warm, dry and stinky-free, and, speaking from personal experience, one of the greatest benefits of these soft cold weather socks is the fact that the kids don’t pitch a fit about their feet itching and scratching!  I can’t tell you how much time has been wasted in our house trying to get the kids to put on (and keep on) their other wool socks.  Prior to these winter thermal socks, it was an absolute nightmare getting them ready for the cold.  No more.  And to make things even better, with just a little bit of web surfing I have pretty much always been able to find a smartwool socks sale somewhere, so I’ve been able to purchase all of our children’s cold activity wool socks at below retail prices, even in the height of the season.

So far we’ve talked about mens thermal socks for outdoor activity as well as thermal dress socks made of merino wool, and how these materials work just as well for children’s thermal socks.  Of course it goes without saying that when it comes to cold weather socks, women’s feet are at least as prone to getting cold as those of men and children (in my personal experience, they have seemed to be the MOST prone to getting cold).  As such, there is absolutely no reason to think that these insulated socks for kids and men aren’t just as applicable to the ladies.  Some of the most popular brands (in addition to the aforementioned SmartWool brand) include Thorlo thermal socks, CoolMax socks (in fact, CoolMax toe socks have been growing quite a bit in popularity these past few years, and while I have yet to try them, they are next on my list of thermal socks for running that I plan on trying out).  My wife’s personal favorites are a pair of small WigWam thermal socks that she refuses to go hiking without (WigWam socks are among my favorite as well, especially their ultimax socks).  Gold toe wool dress socks are another brand that is well recognized, but not so much for outdoor activities.

Speaking of various outdoor activities, many people think they need special thermal socks for each of their different pastimes.  While I suppose one could do this, more often than not it is more a question of having different weights of thermal wool socks, as well as possibly different lengths.  For example, thermal socks for hiking should be long enough for you to be able to fold them over the top of your hiking boot.  Doing this will help prevent them from slipping down into your boot and potentially bunching up and creating a blister.

On the other hand, people who seek out wool cycling socks don’t need them to be as long.  Thermal sleep socks will be very much up to the preference of the individual as there really aren’t any performance issues to consider.    Regardless of the specific use you have in mind or what brand you find (hopefully you’ll find a thermal socks sale that offers you a wide selection), if you go with quality wool socks, especially if they are merino wool socks, you will have very happy feet in nearly all kinds of weather conditions.

Merino Wool Socks

Merino wool socks: Versatility meets comfort in the Best Thermal Socks

Wool is the equivalent of hair that is produced by several different animals including llamas, sheep and goats.  However, the crimp and elasticity of wool give it a very different feel to hair and make it much better suited to making clothing.

That said, not all sheep produce great wool.  Different breeds have been bred for different purposes.  Many of the breeds bred for meat produce a poor quality of wool that is essentially a byproduct.  It has little value and is not used to make clothing.  Other breeds are almost the opposite and produce luxurious and very valuable fleeces that make high quality woolen garments.  Of these breeds, one of the most well known is the Merino.

Merino wool, like all fine wools, has a high crimp.  There are around 100 crimps per inch.  Some poorer wool may have as few as 1 crimp per inch!  Even within the Merino category, there are subdivisions of quality depending on the thickness of wool in microns.  The finer the fibers, the finer the quality!  Other benefits of wool are that it resists static build up and is very flame retardant when compared to other materials.

Merino wool has certain characteristics that make it perfect for use in athletic clothing.  Athletes benefit from Merino’s ability to wick sweat away from the skin (thereby stopping you from feeling wet), to maintain body temperature, to retain warmth even when wet, and to prevent smells caused by bacteria.  The softness of Merino is also a real benefit and prevents discomfort caused by friction.

Socks are just one of the clothing products that really benefit from being made out of Merino wool.  Merino wool socks are very comfortable and benefit from all the properties we have already discussed.  Because of Merino wool’s natural anti-bacterial properties, Merino wool socks are great for people with a propensity for developing foot odor.  Merino wool hiking socks are perfect for people contemplating a several day hike who cannot afford to carry extra weight; they provide the comfort and odor resistance that such a venture demands.

Many companies offer Merino wool socks for sale.  You can find them online for as little as $3 a pair right up to $10 a pair or more!  It all depends on the brand, the thickness and the quality of the wool that is used.

One company that produces many great merino wool products is Smart Wool.  From socks and sweaters to slippers, scarves and gloves, they produce all sorts of products incorporating the benefits of Merino wool.  Smart Wool also operates under an ethical mission statement.  They aim to source sustainably farmed wool and donate a percentage of their profits to great charity causes.  More information about their SmartPrint philosophy as well as their complete product lineup can be found on their website.

So if you have been looking for some natural socks that offer benefits superior to many synthetic fibers and that are more comfortable than some cheaper, ‘scratchy’ wool, then Merino wool offers the perfect answer.

Gold Toe Socks

Where to Buy Gold Toe Socks

Socks are worn primarily to protect feet from chafing when wearing shoes, to provide warmth, to protect shoes from the damage caused by perspiration, and to make the feet comfortable.The humble men’s sock has a long history.

The word sock comes from the Latin word soccus originally, which evolved into socc in Old English and socke in Middle English. Romans wore a shoe known as the soccus, which was soft like a sock and could be removed quickly. The earliest versions of the sock were animal skins tied around ones ankles.

Around the time of the fifth century socks known as puttees were worn by some deeply religious people in Europe, and symbolized purity. By the eleventh century, socks were commonly worn by the nobility as a symbol of their wealth. They became more widely used after the late sixteenth century when the knitting machine was invented, allowing socks to be made much more quickly. Socks were commonly made from cotton, wool or silk until nylon was introduced in 1938, causing a revolution in women’s hosiery.

Socks for men became gradually shorter in the first half of the 20th century, and the word stocking came to refer only to the longer styles for women. The amount of coloring and design on socks for men has fluctuated, with bright colors and designs being popular through most of the history of the sock, then plain, dark-colored socks becoming the norm in the 19th century and most of the 20th, and bright colors and designs making a bit of a comeback lately.

Today there are many different styles of men’s socks, varying in length from ankle socks to knee socks, and with some styles encasing each toe individually while others have a separate compartment only for the big toe. The other variations in style mostly have to do with which kind of shoes will be worn with the socks, and how much of workout the feet will be undergoing.

For example, boot socks with extra cushioning are worn with boots, while athletic socks with a ribbed top are for when participating in sports and thermal socks are important when hiking in cold weather. Dress socks, thin and usually black, are worn with formal wear, while argyle socks with geometric patterns are worn with attire that is more casual. One popular style of sock features a dark color for the entire sock except the toe, which is a brighter color, and nearly always gold. If you are looking for gold toe socks, here is a guide for where to find them.

You should always look online for gold toe hosiery, rather than in a shoe store or department store. The selection is much more varied and you can get the best price, without worrying about shipping costs because socks are so light. Simply do a search for “gold toe socks” on a search engine such as Google or Bing. You will find a wealth of online stores with pictures of this style of sock. First find some brands you like, and then compare prices for those brands at a price-comparison website such as When you make your purchase, make sure free returns are allowed. Happy shopping!

CoolMax Socks

Comfort and Safety with Coolmax Socks

Running socks are critical to all training and outdoors activities. They should be easy on skin, comfortable, provide for proper moisture absorption and evaporation. CoolMax socks are durable, lightweight and keep skin dry apart from several other benefits like preventing blisters, moisture management, etc. Though a lot of people believe that cotton is the best material for socks in any activity, but the fact remains that cotton absorbs moisture and dries slowly. Also, for good health of your feet, improving performance, and temperature regulation in feet, you should not only choose your shoes with caution, in fact, choose thermal socks too with a bit of alertness.

Your choice of socks should depend on weather conditions and activity you are performing. Several weathers require specific kinds of socks to avoid blisters, good performance, and discomfort. Warmer conditions require cool and dry socks. Materials like CoolMax, polyester, acrylic, polypropylene, etc are best for warm climate. Synthetic socks are costlier than cotton. Heavy-duty socks will not be always preferable but certain activities will definitely require you to wear them. Socks provide cushioning and protection, while absorbing moisture from your feet. Wool breathes better than cotton and dries quickly while providing extra warmth.

CoolMax is created with 4-channel technique in which polyester fibers are weaved together for proper airflow. CoolMax has built in moisture management because it is manufactured that way, thus no chemicals are used. Extreme athletes benefit from CoolMax Extreme, while CoolMax Everyday is useful for general clothing. CoolMax Active will be useful in several activities. Thus, whatever activity you will perform, there is a CoolMax sock to fit the requirement.

Further, the kinds of exercise or activity you perform require specific training socks. If you were running a marathon then you would definitely require a more durable and heavy-duty socks. Cotton is very lightweight but takes time to dry. It gets damp by absorbing moisture from feet and thus no good for activities that induce sweat in feet. For sprinting or quick running practices, you will require socks that are lightweight. Quality running socks generally have two layers, first for absorbing moisture from your feet, second for aiding in evaporation. Though split-toe socks are great for athletic activities, yet most of the people do not give it a damn. It can provide extra-protection to your toes like a glove. They will be more comfortable as well.

Single layer CoolMax socks are lightweight and provide better ventilation. If you are going for outdoor activities like hiking, mountaineering, sprinting, etc, then CoolMax socks are a good option. CoolMax running socks have moisture-wicking capacity and prevent chaffing.

Women’s CoolMax socks are useful in certain conditions like when she is in menopause. The socks will keep her feet dry thus helping avoid an uncomfortable night. By preventing any moisture collection in their feet, it is possible to avoid blisters that might be caused due to wet feet.

CoolMax dress socks will provide a good finish to your outfit. You can purchase online and have them shipped to your doorstep. They will provide blister-free experience.

Smart Wool Socks

The Advantages of Smartwool Socks (aka: Smart Wool Socks)

When choosing thermal socks that will provide both comfort and durability, Smartwool socks are the preferred choice of many.  In fact, while Smartwool is a brand name, it is clever one because these are truly “Smart Wool Socks”.  Not only are these fine socks the softest wool socks available, but they have many other features, such as multi-point compression system to prevent socks from feeling tight while still providing enough elasticity to keep them from constantly falling down and sliding around the foot. They are available in a variety of knit weights, making them perfect for everyday activities as well as more demanding outdoor wear.

The advantages of Smartwool socks include superior moisture control, due to the wicking properties of the wool fibers. Instead of becoming saturated with moisture like cotton, or being unable to wick moisture at all like with synthetic fibers, wool wicks moisture to the inside of the fiber, while the outside stays drier, providing more comfort and insulation. Keeping the feet drier also helps to keep them warm. Wool fibers are also superior at regulating temperature, helping to insulate the feet to keep them warm. Wool also helps to keep feet cool in warmer temperatures by allowing feet to breathe and absorbing the heat produced by the feet. By helping to keep feet cool and dry, foot odor is also prevented, because the wool fiber allows moisture to escape instead of allowing it to collect on the foot surface. When feet become damp and hot, microorganism grow which cause foot odor. This moisture is what causes odor to occur when socks made from other types of fiber besides wool are worn.

Smartwool socks are the perfect choice for outdoor activities, such as hiking and cycling, not only because of the superior insulating and moisture control properties of wool, but also because Smartwool socks use a proprietary four-point compression system to insure socks stay snug and secure. This compression system prevents socks from slipping around the foot, providing an excellent fit around the instep, arch and heel of the foot. This keeps the socks comfortably in place, which can help prevent the irritation that can result from socks that slip down. Smartwool hiking socks are also thick, providing an extra layer of wool where it is needed most, to help protect the foot against abrasion and shock. This can make walking and hiking much more comfortable, especially on rough paths. Smartwool cycling socks are a popular choice among cyclists, again because of the superior comfort, durability, and other features that make wearing Smartwool socks such a pleasure.

In addition to being an excellent choice for outdoor work and sport activities, Smartwool dress socks are great for everyday wear. In addition to being stylish, these socks provide the same type of comfort, moisture control, and durability as those designed for more grueling activities. While still cushioning the feet, dress sock varieties are thinner, making them more comfortable for indoor wear with dress shoes.

When shopping for Smartwool socks, always keep your eyes open for a good Smartwool socks sale. Smartwool socks are premium socks, and as such, their price is higher than other lesser quality socks. However, their many advantages definitely make them worth the extra cost.

Wool Socks

Reasons to Choose Wool Socks

Although many people commonly choose cotton socks, or even socks made from synthetic fibers, wool is often the preferable choice when looking for thermal socks. Although socks made from cotton and synthetic fibers are inexpensive and easy to find, they do not provide many of the features and advantages that a pair of wool socks can. Although wool socks definitely cost more than a simple pair of cotton or synthetic socks, their many advantages definitely make them worth the extra expense. Moreover, wool socks are extremely durable and longwearing, and will no doubt outlast socks made of other types of fibers.

One common misconception in regards to wool socks is that they are only useful for keeping your feet warm in cold weather. In fact, wool socks will not only help keep your feet warm when the weather is cold, but will also keep your feel cool during hot weather. This is because wool helps keep your feet at a steady temperature, allowing them to breath. This makes them the perfect choice for both summer and winter wear.

One of the primary advantages to wool socks is how they can keep your feet dry by absorbing and wicking away moisture. Although cotton can also wick moisture, the cotton fiber reacts differently than wool when it becomes wet. The entire fiber of cotton becomes wet, and after the fiber becomes completely saturated with moisture, it can no longer provide insulation or moisture wicking. However, wool absorbs moisture inside the fiber, so the surface stays dryer and more comfortable.

Because wool breathes so well, the fiber is able to regulate moisture much better than other types of fibers. This not only helps to keep feet dry and comfortable, but it can also reduce foot odor. The microorganisms that grow once your feet become hot and moist primarily cause foot odor. Because wool socks can help control both temperature and moisture, your feet are less likely to sweat and form foot odor. Because wool socks do such a good job of controlling moisture, this also means that your feet will stay warmer, as dampness can cause your feet to feel cold.

For those who spend a lot of time enjoying outdoor activities, wool socks are an excellent choice. For those who participate in outdoor sports or work activities, a good quality pair socks such as Merino wool socks can be extremely comfortable. A pair of wool cycling socks is generally preferred by those who spend a great deal of time biking, as not only do they help keep feet dry and at a comfortable temperature, but they are also effective at reducing abrasions that can cause blisters and discomfort. For those who walk, run and hike, wool socks will also help absorb some of the shock, due to their extra cushioning and thickness.

In addition to being superior for outdoor activities, wool socks are a good choice for simple everyday wear as well. Men’s wool socks are a very popular choice, because even though they cost more, they are the most durable and comfortable socks available. For those who are concerned with style, smart wool socks are attractive as well as comfortable, and well worth the price.